onsdag 16 juli 2008

end of this blog

I managed to go over both due dates (menses and ultrasound) but not too long, so natural birth and alhamdulillah had a baby boy. I am so grateful to Allah for him and all the stress etc earlier on is of course worth it...

söndag 8 juni 2008

home straight or is it strait or is it stretch, it's late (time and stage of pregnancy)

Dreamt my waters broke last night, quite a vivid dream. This was after discussion with DH that he won't likely come back until around the 20th inshAllah. Have made alternative arrangements.
I must admit the Braxton Hicks get more frequent an uncomfortable for each pregnancy.

torsdag 15 maj 2008

a quick, rather boring update

have had 2nd scan today, everything appears to be fine. Saw something resembling maleness but midwife was v quick over that area so can't be sure, Allahya 'Alam.
have been feeling a lot better these last few months (blood pressure has gone up a bit). Just getting fat and doing everyday stuff like bending down to pick things up is frustratingly difficult, but of course this is normal. I am managing to sleep quite well despite large tummy, although finding it a bit diffiuclt to get back to sleep after Fajr, but that's more to do with mind ticking over stuff.
Still haven't got any baby stuff organised, I actually placed some baby clothes bags back into the cellar as I'm still up to my ears sorting out Biryanis latest clothes.
I actually threw up for the first time 2 days ago during the pregnanacy but I think this was due to me having a frog in me throat causing me to gag than any feeling of nausea.

fredag 11 januari 2008

Had first midwife appointment. The midwife was young and chirpy, and afterwards I thought maybe she'd been around during H's birth, should ask her. My iron was a little low (130?) and unsurprisingly my BP was v low. I was glad to see she stressed that the tests they have are all voluntary, so I'm wondering whether t o forgo the diabetes one they always have, which involves a mini fast and a disgusting sweet drink. In the UK it was tested every time with a urine sample, no starving or anything like that. She didn't check the heartbeat, which I was surprised at as they often find it at even an earlier date. But I'm supposed to have the ultrasound soon so I suppose I'll hear it then, Finally I'll be sure I am really pregnant!! (Of course I am, trousers are getting distinctly tight now.)

tisdag 1 januari 2008

Should I be worried or not?

Had some spotting last night. I checked on the Internet and most seemed to say should get it checked (US websites admittedly, litigation in forefront of minds?). So I rang the equivalent of NHS direct who gave me the Women's clinic number. They said as it had stopped to wait and see if anything else happened and call again...