måndag 26 november 2007

Nausea and more nausea

Sleeping seems to be my only cure although I feel OK whilst eating (as long as its something I fancy) and for 10 mins or so after. As soon as my tummy gets slightly empty then that weird feeling in my stomach and that nauseous feeling in my head comes back. Maybe its something to keep my blood sugar constant. I could just not fast even 3 hours nowadays. Have tried Coke as recommended, it makes me feel better for a short time, maybe helping me by distraction as it brings back childhood memories of being taken out for Sunday lunch by parents. Another thing from childhood that seems to be helping is tomato salad with vinaigrette dressing. Cheese goes down well, which is just as well as most other forms of protein are a no no. I always go off chicken in pregnancy (salmonella fears). MIL would be horrified by my lack of sustaining food but there'd be no point trying to force myself to eat something I'd feel like regurgitating anyway. I think like a lot to do with this pregnancy/ childbirth / child rearing lark, instincts are vital.

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